Fresh Water Diving

    DeLeon Sprongs Central Florida Springs - Ocala, USA

    Only used for scuba instruction... Damned!See for entrance fees.

    Devil's Hole Central Florida Springs - Ocala, USA

    Devil's hole is a very impressive place. The sink is about 18 meters in diameter with the water level about 15 meters from the top of the sink.It can be very difficult to enter into the water (steep sides). You should plan on bringing vertical gear to get in and out of the sink (there is an old…

    Devils Den Central Florida Springs - Ocala, USA

    "Visit one of North America's most prehistoric places, Devil's Den-- an underground spring inside a dry cave in central Florida. The remains of many extinct animals from the Pleistocene Age (2 million - 10,000 years ago) were discovered at Devil's Den, including the bones of early man, dating back…

    Discovery Island Western Wall Vancouver Island, Canada

    It is best to go with someone who has dove this site before. The top of this wall is interesting as well, but it can be difficult to anchor here and then to find the wall.

    Dolphin Beach Vancouver Island, Canada


    Edith Lake Edith Lake, Canada


    Elliot's Beach Park Vancouver Island, Canada

    This dive site is quite nice as far as the entry goes, and there are out-houses here. This is a nice beach with picnic tables as well.Swim along the left side of the beach out to the point, and beyond.

    Emerald Bay Emerald Bay, Canada

    Ewans Ponds Mount Gambier, Australia

    Flea Bay Canterbury, New Zealand

    Established in 1999 the reserve cover 215ha east of entrance to Akaroa Harbour. Very exposed coast with boulders, rock stacks, steep cliffs, kelp forests and cold temperate reef fish.Blue penguins can appear at dusk and Hector's dolphins common in summer.(

    Flintkote Quarry Flintkote Quarry, Canada


    Forest Island - North End Vancouver Island, Canada


    GB Church Vancouver Island, Canada

    This wreck is mostly protected from the island that it resides beside. Portland Island. Although you may feel current at the surface, once below 10 metres [30 feet] there is usually very little or no current.

    Ginnie Springs Central Florida Springs - Ocala, USA

    This is a full service facility with something for everyone.Ginnie Spring has a wonderful cavern and is open to open water divers.There are a number of other dives at this with limited open water area and then a lot of cave. campground and facilities.

    Green Island Coromandel peninsula, New Zealand

    Quite exposed to swells and winds, to get sheltered just go on the other side of the island.North east side from 5 to 15 m with rocks covered with kelps and some sand spots. Schools of blue two-spot damselfis, crayfish, pink maomao.

    Henderson Point Vancouver Island, Canada

    This site may not look the best initially, but over the course of a year many species can be found here. Access is fairly easy, but the last few feet to the water is steep decent of about 10 feet.

    Hmcs Cape Breton Vancouver Island, Canada

    The HMCS Cape Breton (ARE 100) was built in 1944-45 in British Columbia by the Burrard Drydock Company and served in the United Kingdom's Royal Navy as Flamborough Head. In 1951 she returned to Canada under the ownership of the Royal Canadian Navy, renamed Cape Breton and re-assigned as a training…

    HMCS Saskatchewan Vancouver Island, Canada

    HMCS Saskatchewan was a Mackenzie-class DestroyerEscort of 366-feet (111 metres), 2900 tons.Sunk in 1997.

    Hole in the Rock Hole in the Rock, New Zealand


    Kapiti Island Wellington, New Zealand

    Formally established in May 1992 the reserve?s underwater scenery is generally regarded as some of the finest in the greater Wellington region.Good variety for photography.Those with a mask and snorkel could explore the rocks close to the shore.Scuba diving is the most rewarding on the western side…

    Kelvin Grove Kelvin Grove, Canada

    Keystorm Keystorm, Canada

    King's Park Lake Central Florida Springs - Ocala, USA

    Lake. We saw blue gills and a painted turtle.

    Kyen point Vancouver Island, Canada

    A double pinnacle with a nice shallow sand channel in the middle. Lots of invertebrate life and fish. Occassionally a skate. Wolf eel and octopus are hanging around often and ratfish can be seen here too

    Landing Bay Pinnacle Tutukaka and Poor Knights Islands, New Zealand

    Pinnacle running down from 5m to 45m! Advanced divers with good buoyancy is recommanded.

    Lazens Reef Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

    Pinnicle rising from 400 meters, home to huge Yellowtail kingfish, blue maomao, giant rays.

    Lynch's Reef Canterbury, New Zealand


    Madrona Point Vancouver Island, Canada

    There are two walls here. One as you enter the water, and a much deeper wall whose top starts at about 40 feet and descends below 100 feet. The second wall most western end can be found at roughly 360 degrees magnetic north.

    Mao Mao Arch Tutukaka and Poor Knights Islands, New Zealand

    Schools of demoiselles and mao mao.

    Maple Bay Vancouver Island, Canada

    This is quite an easy dive. It featues rock reefs, docks, a large field of old glass bottles.Sealife consists of giant pacific octopi, ruby octopi, rock cod, rock crab, kelp crab.Visibility can be poor in the summer months, but it also comes with an abundance of bioluminescent plankton, which makes…

    McKenzie Bight Vancouver Island, Canada

    This dive site does require a walk of approximately 5 minutes. And a rocky trail leads down to the gravel beach. Once you are in the water there are some walls, but not much life on them. There is more life in the gravel. This site is more well known for one of the few places that the Six Gill…

    McNeill Point Vancouver Island, Canada

    Very nice shore dive. Just take care of sea urchins and tides.

    Middle Arch Tutukaka and Poor Knights Islands, New Zealand

    Popular dive. Berniesís Cave is on the left of the arch.

    Mikhail Lermontov Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand

    On 16 February 1986 the Mikhail Lermontov, a 155 metre long ship with 408 passengers and 330 crew, left Picton.The ship struck Perham rock (a submerged rock) between Cape Jackson and Jackson Head. Although the ship was built for ice breaking, this proved too much strain on the hull and the damage…

    Mosses Point Vancouver Island, Canada

    This dive site despite is shallowness, can sometimes be worth it. But it depends on the season and weather conditions.

    Motunau - plateau Canterbury, New Zealand

    Plateau up from 25m to 21m. Lots of crayfish and some blue cods. Visibility can be very low (

    Muscallonge Muscallonge, Canada


    Nakwakto Rapids Nakwakto Rapids, Canada

    The 300 metre wide channel of the Nakwakto Rapids is like a liquidmaelstrom, the tides rush in and out and currents drag unwitting diversacross the rocky rapids.The tide, squeezing through the narrow channel, goes out every fiveor six hours allowing a short period of calm, and this is when the…

    Neck Point Vancouver Island, Canada

    Northern Arch Tutukaka and Poor Knights Islands, New Zealand

    Vertical wall down to 37m deep. Resident stingrays in summer with an incredible viz!